Sunday, February 5, 2017

February, 2017: Trump The Superman: Swallows Gold And Spits Tin

A few updates are in store, as it's been a while since I last posted. So let's get to it!

Here's my latest project that I'm working one, inspired by our recent election, here in the land of the Free, and home of the Crazed:

Trump The Superman: Swallows Gold And Spits Tin

This 8"X10" work is inspired by John Heartfield's original poster from 1932, as seen below, with a description from the Official John Heartfield Exhibition site: John Heartfield. My piece pays homage to the original, while attending to the current regime recently elected into office in the United States of America, and has been largely worked upon in local coffee shops and pubs, utilizing coffee and beer to wet the watercolor paint. 

Adolf Der Übermensch: Schluckt Gold und redet Blech

(Adolf The Superman: Swallows Gold And Spits Tin)

Curator’s Comment:
John Heartfield’s photomontage of Adolf Hitler with his chest and belly full of gold from his financial supporters is one of the artist’s most famous images.
Heartfield instantly visually makes it clear that the führer can perform a miracle of political alchemy. Hitler is able to convert financial contributions from war investors into nonsense into order to stir up the people.
This montage of Hitler was originally an AIZ Magazine Cover. It was a count, a member of the German nobility, who saw the need for this montage to be reproduced as a poster and to be distributed throughout a Berlin under the shadow of the Nazi Party.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Heading towards Autumn ~

A cool mid-August morning greeted me as I stumbled out of bed this morning, and a gentle breeze eases into the studio as I type these words. Autumn is just around the corner... after a bit more heat, according to the rumors.

I've sold a couple of pieces at my current show at The Painted Lady Coffee House, and hope for even greater success in the days ahead. If you're in the Milwaukie area, drop on by!

Here are a couple of recent pieces that are amongst the offerings available there:

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Rains of Summer

     We've been having a long hot and dry spell here in Portland, and I've been really missing the cool days of early Spring. Luckily, we had some lovely rain showers on Saturday, bringing a happy relief from the 90 degree plus weather.

     In the studio, I've been making a number of miniatures, and am preparing for an August show at a local coffee house. Art at the Painted Lady Coffee House

     I've really found working on miniature portraits of animals to be quite satisfying, and the occasional anthropomorphic work has been fun as well.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Another Distinguished Gentleman ~ The Lodge Hare

It seems like forever since I last posted here, and an update is long past-due!

It's Springtime here in Portland, and a lovely day is unfolding outside the studio.  I've been busy here, and projects have been developing, art is being made, and an actual show is planned for late June, or early July. That should be fun, featuring many of my miniatures of animals and anthropomorphic characters. It'll be at The Painted Lady, in Milwaukie.

I'm blessed with the opportunity to really become the artist I've always wanted to be, and to have a number of good friends and family who have supported me along the way. I'm also damn happy and honored to have a wonderful woman in my life. She (for some unfathomable reason) loves me, in spite of my sometimes weird and nutty ways.

I'd like to introduce my latest character: The Lodge Hare. His history and other details is being researched, and shall be revealed at the appropriate time. He was first seen in my artists journal. From there, he became the hare we see in the portrait below. Many more of works similar to this are in the works, so stay tuned!

I also have a new webpage, titled: The Art of Mark R. Hansen. It's a work in progress for sure, but check it out!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

From the new studio, I send greetings ~

Hello Folks!

I'm living in a new home now, having moved back to SE Portland since my last post in July. The Brooklyn neighborhood is pretty cool, and I believe I'll enjoy it immensely. There is a culture here that was lacking where I last lived, and I missed it quite a lot!

Here are some sketches I've done in the meanwhile ~ hope you enjoy them!



Saturday, July 26, 2014

I've been slacking!

Saturday, the 26th of July ~ 

Greetings from Clackamas,

We're enjoying a fine summer day here in the Portland area, and it's perfect for getting out and about. So I'll make this short and sweet! I've another sketch to share with you: another rooster, full of attitude! 

Cheers, and have a great weekend!

Mark H.

Monday, July 14, 2014

A Tale of Two Sketches ~


Time to share a couple of sketches from the last week ~ little things done while out and about in the Sellwood and Portland area. There seems to be a bit of an Australian theme going on here!